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September Activities.

Hannah practicing before a football game. She is in the drum line.. because Bassoon does not do marching band.. She is clearly not excited I’m taking pictures.. lol.



We went Geocaching one evening.. Found this face hidden in the woods.




Rockwell had a dance at his school.. He ended up being quite popular behind the cotton candy machine.IMG_6317


The girls wanted to go to a Bernie Sanders rally in Columbia.. We ended up bing the ONLY people to bring a sign! They let us in, but only if we “removed the stick”..


While I did not see the local news, I know we were in multiple shots that evening!




On the way home, we stopped at a McDonalds that had an automated Kiosk. It was not that pleasant to use.IMG_6379


Young Makers! Charles showed how he made a program on A Raspberry Pi. THe kids wre really interested! More than this picture shows. :)IMG_6423



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Mountain biking in the rain!

Rockwell and I hit the Fork Area Trail System (FATS) this weekend. Got a little (ok, a LOT) wet and muddy. By the middle of the 8 miles, it was raining pretty hard and some of the trails were streams.. I’m surprised the trail holds up as well as it has.. you would think it would be rutty. The sun was shining by the time we exited though! We also came across two people from Columbia with really nice rigs.. single wheel trailers that held their, what looked like 2/yo and~4/yo kids behind them, while they navigated the (not always easy) trails. Impressive, dedicated riders! IMG_6260

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The summer “To Do” list..

Oh boy.. I am just going to publish this the way it is, as I am never going to catch up and cover all the stuff we have done this summer.

This has been a BMX summer.. Melinda and Hannah, Early in the season before little Hannah broke her collarbone (On a skateboard, not bike) ..

Found Melinda in the Airport…

Rockwell and some friends at the track!

Rockwell working on scavanging wood. Making him work!

The summer of frozen bananas

Pictures I need to find:

Rockwell coming in first in the main.
The new house on the back back yard
Ice cream

Rockwell at the FATS Trails


More pictures I need to find:

Melindas BMX race where she beat a boy and made the main, but the scorer did not write down the results right
Rockwell working on Moms chairs
Hannah’s visit to UofC
Melindas Birthday bowling
Visit to the woods near brick pond

Melindas summercamp at SCGSAH


Gaypride in Augusta






Eds uphill 5k
Rockwell’s birthday.

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A special week!

I am in the middle of watching Reverend Pinkney’s Eulogy by President Obama.. Just, wow. I am moved to tears. It’s something awesome. So so special. So glad I got a chance to watch it live. He broke out singing! Amazing Grace.. just awesome.

This whole week was for the record books. First the republican attempt to kill Obamacare and remove many people off the insurance rolls was repudiated by the SCOTUS, Then the Battle flag was essentially voted off the capital grounds (no official vote yet, but it will happen), and then The SCOTUS votes that Gays are allowed to marry, then this Eulogy. Just an amazing week.

The kids are doing well,. Hannah was at art class last night , Rockwell and I attended the Olympic day BMX race, and Melinda is still at SCGSAH in her writing camp. She had to make a public presentation and she said she did well.

I must go out of my way to remember times like these.. Such special times.


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School and stuff.

Everyone is getting out of school. So far, Hannah did not want to go to her awards ceremony, and receive her multiple academic awards for whatever reason I am not sure, I missed Rockwell’s awards ceremony yesterday where he received 4 awards. I am a terrible parent. Melinda’s ceremony is tomorrow, I will try and not disappoint.


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Happy Birthday Hannah!

My eldest is now a 17 y/o. Still just as awesome as always.

Happy Birthday sweetheart!





Kathi too her and her friends to the trampoline park. Clearly had a lot of fun!



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Building Computers.

So, Hannah and I have a friend (Charles Gantt) that evaluates electronics, and gets all sorts of stuff free in the mail. He surprised Hannah with all the makings to make a gaming computer, but the stipulation was she had to put it together. We helped, but she did it!

Here she is getting the processor ready to mount the heat sink.


Here she is organizing the wires getting the case ready to mount the mother board.




Putting the mother board in.



Connecting the hard drive.



We loaded up Windows 8, and she was pretty much done! A job well done. Now she just had to get it set up at home with a couple of monitors and she will be all set!

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Prom and a dance

Hannah got to attend her High school prom this year!

So beautiful..





She invited Amber as her date. Amber did not get to go to her HS Prom, so this was a first for both of them.




The tickets! It was Vegas themed.




Turns out she made the front page of the local paper the next day.. She is the one walking out of the building with a giant Die.. lol.


Melinda went to the 8th grade dance with her friends.

She wont admit it, but I can tell she is popular.




Group photo!



I volunteered to make cotton candy at this dance, so I got an insider view. Rockwell did not get to go to any of these.. He was disappointed.



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This is just a BMX post.. I will post the dance and prom pictures next post.

These pictures where taken by Debbie Gill, a BMX parent. Her husband races in my old man cruiser class. Wish I had video saturdays old man race.. we “did good”.

Rockwell at the gate. He does well too.. but he has a WEIRD QUIRK he desperately needs to get rid of.. he slightly back pedals when the gate goes down. don’t know why.



Here is Rockwell in first place! he sandbagged a bit, and ended up in second place at the end.


Melinda at the Gate!


Wide shot of Melinda at the gate 13 yo/girls/intermediates.. three guys, two girls.. and the girls were not pushovers. The other girl is a expert class.. she can beat the guys regularly. Melinda is getting there!


All of the nights racers!


Melinda near the back.. that said, she was in front of the boy in front of her by the end of the rhythm section.


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The trees in the Highlander patio coming down. Things are changing quickly down town near the river. It’s a sign of things to come methinks.


Rockwell and I messing around while we are out and about on the town on the bikes. (actually, this was a grocery trip)

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