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Skitrip 2017 Sugar Mountain.

We went skiing at Sugar mountan NC. It was a lot of fun (other than the rental hassle). But.. I did not get any real photos on the slopes! Oh wel.. we did get a couple pics.. like this one at the resturant…

And this one Paul took of us at the top of the mountain. I missed Hannah because she went to the top with Rockwell and Paul before this trip up.

Here was the morning before we left.. got a little snow! It really was beutiful.

It was SO COLD.

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Skating at the commons in Augusta

It was a small rink, but it’s fun.

Not that the kids are pro’s at skating, but it is just a little funny watching all the southerners that have never been on skates trying it for the first time.

They stayed on the ice for two hours.

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More random December.

Working on the roof on the back of 711 house.

Here is waht it looks like before buttoning it up.

Rockwell is taking Diving! He jsut started in November.

Melinda and I went hiking on the Towpath singletrack. Here we are under Riverwatch on the way back to the car.

Rockwell had to draw an illistration for Faringhit 451 as a school assignment.. The kid has talent!

Longest I have ever been at one job.

The future!! 20 of these are mine! The beginning of the end of fossil fuel dependance, 340W solar panels. 1mx2m in size. Cant wait to install them!

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Random December pictures

This is a picture that Rockwell CREATED.. He received a graphics tablet as a Christmas present from Hannah. I’m pretty sure this is the first thing he created with it.

Larry Hicks and I went running in the cold rain at FATS.. did 7 miles, (bigrock/tower) and enjoyed a beer in the dark afterward. It’s funny how little things like this are awesome in the moment.

Running in the rain Selfie.

On the way to dropping Hannah off in columbia so she can meet up with a friend and drop some things off at Winthrop before the school year starts. She made personalized chainmail gifts for her close friends.

Rockwell in the North Augusta Chrstmas parade! They are freezing here.. lol. He said his lips were numb.

Football Friday night.

My Phone background for 2017. Sweet Gigi.

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Melinda School Pic.

Melinda, Junior year, SCGSSM.
This girl is amazing.

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The EdCentric post.

Stuff I have been doing this fall.

Hanging out with friends like Bill and Jo, skating and street riding. (This was in the lading area of the James Brown arena.. we snuck in!)

Running with Strava Friends like Adams and Rich.

Holloween costume. Went to a murder mystery!

Riding the towpath singlepath With Larry Hicks and Mark Philyaw.

Practicing at FATS for the First Flowmaster race.. I was ready. by bike broke during the race. Sad.

Gravel dads.. Riding the singltrack.

With andy Jordans bike shop “OTBP” ride. (Off The Beaten Path)

Messing with everyone on the Soul Bar Psycilists Monday night ride.

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Rockwell goes to the NAHS homecoming dance

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Hannah goes off to England.

She started her second year (Albeit year of college in Europe. Edge hill College in Ormskirk England.

I’m not positive where these were at. I need to ask Hannah.

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Melinda and Rockwell go off to Switzerland

Melinda spend her 16th birthday in Switzerland!

Happy Birthday Melinda!










And have a grand time visiting with their cousins

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Melinda goes away to school

Here is a post from the Aiken star newspaper mentioning Melinda going to SCGSSM. I visited her last week, she ssms to be really enjoying it. It’s hard work, but she likes it! I am proud and happy for her.:

Six students from Aiken County have been accepted to the S.C. Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics in Hartsville as part of the class of 2019.

They are:

• Heather Cosh, a daughter of Christy and John Cosh of North Augusta, and Abigail Fralick, a daughter of Karen Fralick and Dan Fralick of North Augusta, who both transferred from North Augusta High School

• Melinda Elser, a daughter of Edward Elser of North Augusta, who transferred from Fox Creek High School

• Jenna Flake, a daughter of Kristin and Tim Flake of Clarks Hill, who transferred from South Aiken Baptist Christian School

• Sam Larson, a daughter of Dr. Janet Davis and Kyle Larson of Trenton, who transferred from Aiken High School

• John Lu, a son of Xiuzhen Lu and Zhenheng Li of Aiken, who transferred from South Aiken High School.

The students moved onto campus in mid-August, and classes started Aug. 14, according to a news release from the school. This year, 276 students, representing 128 high schools and 35 counties, are enrolled at the S.C. Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics.

The S.C. Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics is a public, residential high school for academically talented juniors and seniors.

The school offers unique, college-level courses and a hands-on curriculum with a special focus on science, technology, engineering, math and research, along with concentrations in economics and entrepreneurship and a full array of humanities courses, according to the release.

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