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The trees in the Highlander patio coming down. Things are changing quickly down town near the river. It’s a sign of things to come methinks.


Rockwell and I messing around while we are out and about on the town on the bikes. (actually, this was a grocery trip)

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Melinda wanted to try fencing.. hey, why not? Its pretty interesting, an with all the rain we have not been able to race at all lately.. (sad face)
Hannah decided to try it to, so that is what we do on Monday nights now. My kids are turning into those over scheduled kids!!(not really).

Anyway, check out the beginner class.. they have been attending for about a month now.

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Special gift

I found a huge collection of Calvin and Hobbes books. About 12 of them. I wanted to give them to Hannah and I was thinking about how awesome it was. I was hoping she wound just say thanks and blow them off.. After all, it’s Calvin and Hobbes, right? 

So I walked in to her room and asked if she had any homework to do. She replied “no, why?” And I have them to her, and said, “they are Calvin and Hobbes.. ” and she replied incredulously “All of them??” And when I said yes she began crying a little. And so did I to be honest. It was really a pretty special exchange.


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Academics and BMX

Not combined, just in the same post.. although.. It could be combined! There is a lot of physics going on in BMX!!

This week, My BMXers Melinda and her friend Hannah were inducted into the Jr BETA club. A club for academic excellence.


Melinda, accepting her award.

Here we are heading for the BMX track! Melinda’s bike is on the left, Rockwell’s is in the middle, and Hannah Jr’s is on the right. I think the bikes on the back are probably more valuable than the car they are mounted on! Interestingly enough, I can put two more bikes on there..(between the other ones, with the front wheels up on the car itself.) I want to get Hannah out on the track.. That would make 5 of us! then all we would have to do is to squeeze into the car! lol.

We went to tacobell recently.. Rockwell managed to win free food three times in a row. Quote: “Heck, I can do this professionally!”.

Melinda won second place in the REGION for her Science fair project on Sugar and rockets. Impressive!

And We had ULTIMATE Pi day this week! cant forget that!

Also, I did a Science and Math day Demo at North Augusta Elementary school. I did a demo on coding and “robotics”. I had the kids change things in the code, and then we watched what happened to the game we were working on, or the “robot arm”.. sort of neat. Worked out well, and the 3rd graders soaked it up!

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Melinda and the Regional science fair.

Melinda got second place in Chemistry in the regional science fair, which included over 20 middle and high schools. The over all winner (A high school student) received an all expense paid trip to the international science fair in Philadelphia. Really good work Melinda. She is already contemplating what she is going to do next year!

melindaregionalscifairaward 001

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Barnum and Bailey Circus.

They announced that they will be retiring their elephants.

It’s probably a good idea.

None the less, the kids are going to say “Back in my day, they had elephants in the circus.” some day, to someone.



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Melinda in DC with GT

Melinda went to Washington DC with the 8th Grade GT kids. What an opportunity! I posted a couple pics of her leaving on the bus in the last post, but I will keep adding pics here about the trip as I get them.

I can’t wait to hear about the trip!


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Many things that need documenting.

Melinda Horse riding,

One of my 2 new “speckled Sussex” Chicks,.. starting its internet training early.

Melinda’s Spanish homework video with her friend.

Hannah’s New snakes,



Melinda’s blue ribbon on her science project,

Rockwell’s awesome science project that did not place.. Being that I was a judge, and saw what he was up against, (I did not judge 6th or 8th grade, and the other judges did not know my kids where participating.) I was really suprised Rockwell did not place. REALLY suprised. Even the Teacher was suprised… You did a great job Rockwell. You simply win some and lose some. It’s a crapshoot sometimes.

Melinda being NAMS student of the month,
melindaNAMSstudentofthemonth 001


Melinda traveling to Washington DC.
She was invited to go to see the capital and the Smithsonian with the 8th Grad GT class. The whole group is taking a bus up there and staying at a hotel.




Rockwell Modding his Razor scooter,



Melinda helping to fix the IPad,

Going to the Circus.. the kids have gone to the circus every year almost forever…. And Hannah’s friend Amber almost always goes with us!


Hannah’s Awesome pink Kitten.


The Sleepover with the Banks.



Hannah Trying to find a dress for Prom,

Melinda DAR Presentation.



Check this out if you want to hear Melinda read her Essay. I love how she is so expressive.

Giving Gigi a little a love.

Finding a surprise Gift from Mom.. ( A piece of the classic old wrapping paper with a nametag)



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Rockwell Science Project; 3D Bridge Breaking

Science Fair projects. So far, this is a little bit of a failure, Because its TOO successful?? Rockwell had our friend Charles J Gantt help him design and 3D print out some bridges for his science fair project… Well.. so far, we can’t break them! Even the ones that are made out of PLA ( “Polylactic Acid” a bio based decomposeable plastic) are holding over 275 pounds so far! Rockwell is sort of scared to be around it at that weight.. and I don’t blame him. We will be taking it outside this weekend and Iwill help him near the end… I don’t want it falling though the floor when it gives way. smile. They are 300mm wide with 3mm thick walls if you are wondering. Charles.. we might have to print out some 2mm thick ones?? Maybe you can test that new manufacturers product for them!!

Pictures to come. :)

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Melinda DAR

I just found this on FaceBook, I did not even know it was posted.
Melinda acknowledged in the school for her Writing. All of the schools in North Augusta competed for this.. Its not a small honor.

8th grade North Augusta Middle School student, Melinda Elser, was selected as the Martintown Road DAR Chapter winner. She will read her essay and be presented with an award on Tuesday, February 10th at Fairview Presbyterian Church at 4:00. Her essay will be entered into the state DAR competition this spring. Congratulations Melinda!

Pictured is Gwen Spivey-American History Essay Committee Chair, Melinda Elser and Pam Schmidt, Martintown Road Chapter Regent

Picture credit: S. Abney


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