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Figured I would make a generic post with some generic updates.

I used my work “bonus” to but two bicycles.


This one is a 2008 Giant TCRa1. It’s in unbeleivably good condition. Origional tires, not even used enough to wear the tire molding nibs off. If this bike has 200 miles on it, I’d be suprised. It’s AWESOME. My new favorite bike. Sorry old Panasonic fixie.. you have been replaced. I got it for (what I thought is a deal) 480$


And the other one is a really nice 2012 Sette Jammer. An awesome “Small Adult” mountain bike with a really nice Fox Front fork with 100mm of travel, and Hydraulic Brakes. This one is for the kids or friends to ride.. so I have someone to ride with. 🙂 This was a deal too at 475$.  I’m excited for this biking season!


I have no idea how this one got forgotten about, but Hannah was the captain of her Mathlete team in High school. Not sure how they did in competition to be honest.. But I’m pretty sure the did better than average. Its a bit of a shame the schools dont advertise these events better.. sigh.


OK, thats all for this moment. Rockwell and I are going to go for a BMX gate practice tonight, and there is a Race tomorrow night. We went and practiced last night, and even on a soft moist track, Rockwell recorded his best time yet. 45.80 seconds. So, I’m sort of excited to see how he does in the races. (Hey, I’m not doing that bad myself BTW.. 🙂  )



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I have run 131.8 miles so far this year. I’m going to run the Augusta Half Marathon this coming weekend. Wish me luck!

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Well, had an Issue with the Blog.. for a second O thought it was corrupted.. That would have been VERY BAD. Nothing like making sure I back it up occationally.

But, as a makeup, here are some pictures from my work hard drive from late last year.


Rockwell giving his cousin a ride on the honda.

Picking up a half pipe! We are taking too long to put it together.. we are not done. Therefore we cannot SKATE.

Melinda working on her Sci fair project.

The metals to test! she is going to measure how fast heat travels though each of these types of metals.

Just a IR Picture of Melinda working on her project!

I went to an art show.. “SEEDS”. One of the artists had produced a number of Guns with social statments imprinted on the side. I made Like I was shooting one. 🙂

Rockwell volunteered to help with the NAMS Robotics club. they had a Lego League meet to compete. They did OK considering!

My Buddy Wes at the NA Christmas parade being a joker. As per usual.

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Learning Arduino with Melinda (Girls who code)

I must say.. I am super excited about January!
Because I get to help my daughter teach an Arduino class at

So, for some background:
Rockwell has been staying after school helping with the 6th grade first robotics class.
Melinda expressed disappointment that she did not have the opportunity to do that in middle school.

Well, of course, my ears perked up hearing this.. I asked her if she would be interested in teaching a class on using the ardino, while learning how to do it herself.. to my surprise, she quickly replied “Yes! That would be great!” (Not really the answer I was expecting from my somewhat shy/reserved Melinda.. 🙂 )
So we put together a lesson plan that involves 5 days (the 5 Tuesday evenings in January) where we would get a half dozen or so girls together at the, and teach them about how the arduino works, and put together a 2 line LCD display that they can program to display inspirational messages that they will be able to bring home with them at the end of the class.

We proposed it to the Clubhouse, and they liked it! I’m in the process of getting together with Chase Lanier to solidify the plans so we can get an invite out. It will be limited to about 8 (female, sorry guys) participants, and will likely be free to clubhouse members, or cost 99$.

The class will be called “Learning Arduino with Melinda (Girls who code)”

So excited!

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Elections 2016 and more.

Melinda went with me to vote.. OK, I sort of dragged her.. I just wanted her to have the chance to vote for the first woman president! electionhillary1

MeLinda actually was the one to hit the “vote” button, so, she can say she voted for Hillary.

Voter Selfie!

This was earler in the day.. I went for a nice long ride at dawn. Not sure what this group was doing at the lock gates… Still trying to find out.

Beutiful sunrise over the river.

Hannah Voted Absentee earler in the week! First time voter! Wohoo!

So, the girls wanted to go out haunting abandoned buildings on holloween.. But I was too lazy.. so they talked me into doing it the weekend Hannah came back to vote. First we checked out the old abandoned Haunted house in North Augusta.. Lol.. it was very not haunted. It was the cleanest abandoned house we have ever come across.

Another view.

Then we got a little more adventurous… We broke into an abandoned bank!

OK, we didnt break in, we just walked in.. but we did rob it! Hannah found a vault key, and a mug. So, technically.. Bank robbed.

Then we went down town to a building they were tearing down. Turns out it was the old down town prison.

This was in the basement of said prison.. Had we known what it was, this might have been a little creapier than it was…

Then we snuck into the old Golf and Gardens park.. and into one of the clock towers. Looks more interetsting than it was I’m afraid.

But it’s fun finding things like this abandoned in the overgrowth!

Last weekend was also the North Augusta Jackolantern Jubilee.. Rockwell wanted to sell cotton candy and use the “new” (to us) sno-cone machine.. He humped it with a couple friends this day. They made acouple hundred dollars, after paying me for supplies.

Said “new” Sno-cone machine! I’ve waited years to get one of these.

Another shot.

And my dear Melinda being inducted into the National Honor society! I must tell you.. She is cicking butts and taking names at school this year.

The cirtificate and program of course.

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Things In October.

Melinda, Dressed up as Wenesday.

Melinda, with.. um, one of the founders of Winthrop? Not sure.. Hannah, help me out here.

So this day, we had a pumpkin carving party at Tire City Potters in Augusta.. The owner owed me a favor, so I invited a bunch of friends to carve pumpkins! It was a lot of fun.

Here is the whole group!

Here is my pumkin.

Melinda’s Pumpkin.

Rockwell’s Pumpkin?

Our friend Mariya BRought us some eggs.. almost too pretty to eat. But not that pretty, they tasted great.

My first night time singletrack ride.. (before dawn) I thought it was going to be slow. I was suprised I was only a few minutes off my regular pace.

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Things in September?

First day of school!


Making Cotton Candy for the alzhiemers run organization meeting.

img_6163Hannah got her permit too.


Rockwell dressing like a pirate, with his free dozen donuts!


Rockwell messing around in front of the greed screen at work.


Got an infrared Camera for troubleshooting at work. Evidently a dogsnose really is cold.

After a run with the saturday morning FATS crew.

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Melinda back from Gov. School camp, Rockwell back from Switzerland.

I need to link to Melinda’s reading of her poetry she wrote. She received her evaluation today, I’m not sure what it said because she wont show it to meeeee.. :p

Anyway, Rockwell enjoyed his trip. That was about the description of it from a 13yo. But I bet it will inspire some writing this school year. I hope so, because he was put in Honors English, AND Honors Algebra I, where he can take high school credits in 8th grade.  Not sure how he got into honors English to be honest… his LA grades were not.. that.. great. 🙂 however, I think the teacher saw something in him. After all, he got this award at the end of the 7th grade year.

Must say, that’s pretty nice.




And in cleaning up, I found this paper from the first day of class last year. His cursive is improving. He might just end up with some really nice handwriting.  His use of English and a reasonable vocab. is evident here.  You go Rockwell. I love it!


He was not slated for honors algebra.. His standardized test scores were decent.. but his class grades were less than spectacular. 🙂  However, they have a prep course that you can take during the summer. He ended up doing the WHOLE THING in Switzerland. lol.  But he did it by himself, and he must have done well, because they put him right in the algebra course without any questions. I like when my boy takes some initiative like that. Good for you Rockwell! I am proud of you and your work.

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Rockwell’s final week in Switzerland.

I have a feeling he is really going to miss Switzerland.. I also have a feeling he might come back a slightly different child. Eyes a little wider open. 🙂 Thank you Aunt Teri and Uncle Juerg!

A fun day on the river! (although worn out I am guessing).


Asked Teri what this location is.



Lunch Break with Rockwell and Lars I guess.  13840539_10154428135297146_464947149_o


I’m dying to know what this place was about.




Looks like serious fun though.13814451_10154428028657146_1385887103_n




With Cousin Liv at the transportation museum I am pretty sure.13823384_10154422727292146_1367911821_n

The “Cross on the hill” as Aunt Teri called it.. You can barely see the Swill alps in the clouds.


They visited again later on with some friends. Teri said:

Ed we went up to the cross hill last night roasted marshmallows and let the kids run around until 11:00 at night..we were with my friend who has 4 kids younger than 9 and ours were really great with was one of those perfect summer evenings!

Does that sound perfectly memorable or what??


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Rockwell Swiss Summer Update.

Here is Rockwell in Cesenatico, Italy with his cousins Liv and Lars. They spent all week last week on vaction, FROM Switzerland, IN Italy.. lol.


Another in Italy, also in Cesenatico.


Here they are back on Lake Lucerne. Liv is Jumpin’ in!

Rockwell trying to do a little wakeboarding.. but I think the “Beach” is a little small to launch from, from what I can tell.

Gonna Flip!


I think he is having fun with his cousins. Which is nice.

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