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Rockwell goes to the NAHS homecoming dance

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Hannah goes off to England.

She started her junior year of college in Europe.

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Melinda and Rockwell go of to Switzerland

And have a grand time visiting with their cousins

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Melinda goes away to school

Here is a post from the Aiken star newspaper mentioning Melinda going to SCGSSM. I visited her last week, she ssms to be really enjoying it. It’s hard work, but she likes it! I am proud and happy for her.:

Six students from Aiken County have been accepted to the S.C. Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics in Hartsville as part of the class of 2019.

They are:

• Heather Cosh, a daughter of Christy and John Cosh of North Augusta, and Abigail Fralick, a daughter of Karen Fralick and Dan Fralick of North Augusta, who both transferred from North Augusta High School

• Melinda Elser, a daughter of Edward Elser of North Augusta, who transferred from Fox Creek High School

• Jenna Flake, a daughter of Kristin and Tim Flake of Clarks Hill, who transferred from South Aiken Baptist Christian School

• Sam Larson, a daughter of Dr. Janet Davis and Kyle Larson of Trenton, who transferred from Aiken High School

• John Lu, a son of Xiuzhen Lu and Zhenheng Li of Aiken, who transferred from South Aiken High School.

The students moved onto campus in mid-August, and classes started Aug. 14, according to a news release from the school. This year, 276 students, representing 128 high schools and 35 counties, are enrolled at the S.C. Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics.

The S.C. Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics is a public, residential high school for academically talented juniors and seniors.

The school offers unique, college-level courses and a hands-on curriculum with a special focus on science, technology, engineering, math and research, along with concentrations in economics and entrepreneurship and a full array of humanities courses, according to the release.

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Happy Birthday to Rockwell!

Kathi took Rockwell and his friends to the trampoline place. It was a lot of fun!

r+1 (706) 831-7898

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Happy Birthday to HannaH!

My oldest is getting…. older! 🙂 Happy birthday sweetheart! Here we are in an abandoned building down town. The lights in the background are a storefront across Broadstreet.

Hannah Also had a birthday swim party at Arthurs house. But I did not get anyy pictures for some strange reason.. 🙁 It was fun all the same! (There is a video in the archive of everyone diving in the pool for future refrence  🙂   )

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Canal Crown

Rockwell and I participated in a mountain bike race this month. The Andy Jordan’s “Canal Crown” a time trial to see who can get around the canal trail loop the fastest. Rockwell has won two of the 4 so far, I have come in with respectable times in the middle of the “sport” group. It’s been fun!

Here are our number plates.

Hanging out before the race the first night.

Rockwell on the podium!

Andy Jordans used my picture from the second night for the promo of the third nights race.. I’m famous!

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Leg Xray and schools.

Rockwell and I were at the Gym (the Y downtown) and Rockwell was doing Box Jumps and landed HARD on his shin. Enough where we thought it might have been broken. So, when it was still hurting the next day, we went and got it xrayed. All is well. Which is awesome. As a note, that xray cost about 280$. Not a bad price if I’m honest.

Melinda Applied to, and got initial interviews for both Govornors schools. She received a letter from the Arts and humanities. She was close, but she is on the waitlist. We have not heard from the Math and Science yet. Good luck Melinda! You have done an awesome job so far.

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Augusta Half Marathon

Also known as a “comedy of errors”.

So, Work sponsors races all the time, so If I go to a race, chances are its because I get a free entry. (You know me…)

This time it was the Augusta half marathon. A mildly popular race. (not anything as big as the Augusta Half Iron Man.) So, last night, I looked up where and when we were supposed to be there, and I read “NO PACKET PICKUP DAY OF RACE”.. Really? This is NOT that big of a race..  Not even close. OK, Guess I’m running Rogue then, because.. no packet.  so, I get there, and realize I did not bring my running shoes. nice. Fortunatly/unfortunatly. Im wearing an old pair of retired trail running shoes. OK, Guess I’ll run in these then.  Then, I start Strava in bike mode. (not running mode) so it wont give pace or split info. great. Then, at the end of the race, I take a picture of the timer… but there are two timers? what? AND, the time seems to be way slow.. I though I ran under 2 hours. but the timers are OVER two hours.. turns out, those timers where for the 5k and 10k .. WTH. the Half timer was on the other side in a different place. Really? come on people.

Anyway.. Its all good. First Half marathon, 1:55:54 About a 8:50 pace average. I’m good with that.


Here is a picture of the (wrong) clock(s) when I crossed the line.

Here is a picture of all 3 clocks so i can calculate the right time. Turns out I just had to subtract 15 minutes from the clock that said 2:04:11.

The finishers medal.. Gotta’ get one of these, or else you didn’t finish. 🙂

Here is my Strava.. in bike mode of course.. slightly different than the calculated time..  🙂 Slightly longer too.

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Misc. Updates. Bike, etc.

Figured I would make a generic post with some generic updates.

I used my work “bonus” to but two bicycles.


This one is a 2008 Giant TCRa1. It’s in unbeleivably good condition. Origional tires, not even used enough to wear the tire molding nibs off. If this bike has 200 miles on it, I’d be suprised. It’s AWESOME. My new favorite bike. Sorry old Panasonic fixie.. you have been replaced. I got it for (what I thought is a deal) 480$


And the other one is a really nice 2012 Sette Jammer. An awesome “Small Adult” mountain bike with a really nice Fox Front fork with 100mm of travel, and Hydraulic Brakes. This one is for the kids or friends to ride.. so I have someone to ride with. 🙂 This was a deal too at 475$.  I’m excited for this biking season!


I have no idea how this one got forgotten about, but Hannah was the captain of her Mathlete team in High school. Not sure how they did in competition to be honest.. But I’m pretty sure the did better than average. Its a bit of a shame the schools dont advertise these events better.. sigh.


OK, thats all for this moment. Rockwell and I are going to go for a BMX gate practice tonight, and there is a Race tomorrow night. We went and practiced last night, and even on a soft moist track, Rockwell recorded his best time yet. 45.80 seconds. So, I’m sort of excited to see how he does in the races. (Hey, I’m not doing that bad myself BTW.. 🙂  )



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