Little Free Library Complete!

July 8th, 2014

Walking it out from the shop! I gave them no quarter.. lol.

photo (5)

Tori just manhandles stuff. She is going to make a great boss some day.

photo (6)

Attaching the “Little free library” sign that they made yesterday.

photo (7)

Mounting it onto the post! They did it all.. I did not even help them carry it over. I was too busy taking pictures and

photo (8)

Screwing it in!

photo (9)

Proud Accomplishment!!

photo (10)

Almost done with the Little free Library!

July 8th, 2014

Meredith designing the sign.

Tori was the first to try the Plasma torch! The others where a little leery, but Tor just jumped right in. To be honest, I was wondering how they where going to do.. but they were Awesome!

Melinda’s turn. They actually enjoyed doing it.

Mere’s turn. tehy all got to practice before they cut.. but they hardly really needed to, the really did well right off the bat.

Rockwell’s turn!

Rockwell grinding the excess off of the nuts holding the hinges. I smithed the hinges.. I meant to have the girls do that also, but we did not get a chance.

Here it is! I think it’s Awesome in all its rough beauty!

Summer activities! Catching up, and a “Little Library”.

July 5th, 2014

We started out the 4th Holiday weekend with seeing Hannah and Sterling off on an adventure to RTX, (Rooster Teeth Convention) Hannah has really been working on improving her Cosplay of Yang. (Check out the chain mail)

Oh, the day before Hannah left for RTX, she was interviewed as the “Fox 54 Kid of the week”!

The kids love Swimming over at the banks.. This picture is almost in the dark, sorry for the poor quality.

The SnoCap drive in had a car show on the 4th. Check out this crazy custom!

Had to get my picture with it..

End of one of the pool parties at the Banks.

So today I recruited the Girls and Rockwell to help Build a “Little Library” for the park out in front of the house! They really got into it! More Young Makers!


Gluing as Nailing. The nailgun does really help.



I think they were enjoying the nailgun a tad too much. That little library is built like a tank now!








THe only thing I did was cut the wood.. the kids put the whole thing together.. For real, it was all on them.



And they did a great Job too!





Painting is next!



It’s going to look great! The door and the roof goes on tomorrow, and then we will mount it in the park!



Melinda got to ride the Motorcycle for the first time this week. She is a natural.



I kid you not, she did not even stall it once. She asked to go to Arthur’s to ride in the woods.




Last weekend was the Pride Parade in Augusta. Wow, I was impressed with the size, and also the participants. Lots of Businesses where represented.




Big Parade! And there was a party in the park across the street afterward. Fun!


First ride.

June 23rd, 2014

Well, Rockwell had a blast on the motorcycle.. He will have even more fun when he makes his hand strong enough to pull in the clutch to change gears! I have to say, this IS a great motorcycle to learn on. First gear top speed is.. not fast.


Hannah Art.

June 23rd, 2014

Hannah is going to RTX this year, so she is working on improving her Cosplay costume. She is making a Chainmail sash for it.


Ill have to get an example of the produt itself… But here is a process pic.

And I scanned a bunch of Hannahs art projects from this year, This one was too big to scan so I took a picture of it. It is called “Through the Keyhole” and she received an “A” for it. She had a narrative.. I have to look at it again.


Everyone is Home!

June 23rd, 2014

Everyone arrived back safely! Rockwell quickly got back to playing with his friends, Melinda stayed a a freinds house last night. Talk about falling back into patterns quickly!

Pictures to follow.

Reply to sister Beck.

June 19th, 2014

My sister asked where Hannah will be staying, and what language they speak.

She will be staying at Kathi’s sisters house in Lucerne Switzerland, and be immersed in Swiss-German.

It’s all so exciting.. And, I have to say, Teri and Juerg’s house is in, lets say, a picturesque location? For instance, this is looking (East I believe?) out the Kitchen window. Yes. That is looking over a Vineyard, onto lake Lucerne, with the Swiss Alps beyond that.

I mean.. really? This is a postcard, not a view from a normal persons yard. jeesh. In case you are wondering, they are not independently wealthy.


This is the view to the south I believe?


Here is a map of Lucerne.

View Larger Map

Never give up!

June 16th, 2014

As you know, Hannah was dissapointed in not getting into the SCGSSM (Gov. school of Science and Math). But don’t ever let anything get in your way. Kathi’s sister Teri found a Science and math School in Switzerland that was very interested in Hannah attending. They said they dont often get female exchange students that like Science and Math! Well; They got one now.


A note that Teri mentioned on facebook:

I will add here (not too much pressure ) Kantonalschule Alpenquai is the best highschool in Central Switzerland. We have 4 levels of HS when kids leave 6th grade if the have an 5.2 grade pt ave out of 6 they go to Kantonalschule. Next lower is Oberstufe A, then Oberstufe B and then C level. Hannah will be with the top top students all around.

No, not too much pressure.

Han Report Card

June 13th, 2014

Good Job Hannah. Good Job. I am proud of you. You were a conscientious student, and took your responsibilities seriously. That will get you far.
(Class rank 7 / 121)

Summer of Motorcycles.

June 9th, 2014

I think this might be remembered as the summer of motorcycles.

I broke down and purchased a used Honda XR100R.. The epitome of starter bikes. You almost can’t find a better bike to learn to ride on. Melinda and Rockwell will have a blast on it. Got it for 500$! Could not pass it up.


And Hannah has expressed interest in rebuilding the old Honda CB175 that has been hanging around (Literally and figuratively.. lol) for 25 or so years. (Got this one free on the south side of Chicago in the 80s! (NO its not stolen!))