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Melinda back from Gov. School camp, Rockwell back from Switzerland.

I need to link to Melinda’s reading of her poetry she wrote. She received her evaluation today, I’m not sure what it said because she wont show it to meeeee.. :p

Anyway, Rockwell enjoyed his trip. That was about the description of it from a 13yo. But I bet it will inspire some writing this school year. I hope so, because he was put in Honors English, AND Honors Algebra I, where he can take high school credits in 8th grade.  Not sure how he got into honors English to be honest… his LA grades were not.. that.. great. 🙂 however, I think the teacher saw something in him. After all, he got this award at the end of the 7th grade year.

Must say, that’s pretty nice.




And in cleaning up, I found this paper from the first day of class last year. His cursive is improving. He might just end up with some really nice handwriting.  His use of English and a reasonable vocab. is evident here.  You go Rockwell. I love it!


He was not slated for honors algebra.. His standardized test scores were decent.. but his class grades were less than spectacular. 🙂  However, they have a prep course that you can take during the summer. He ended up doing the WHOLE THING in Switzerland. lol.  But he did it by himself, and he must have done well, because they put him right in the algebra course without any questions. I like when my boy takes some initiative like that. Good for you Rockwell! I am proud of you and your work.

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Rockwell’s final week in Switzerland.

I have a feeling he is really going to miss Switzerland.. I also have a feeling he might come back a slightly different child. Eyes a little wider open. 🙂 Thank you Aunt Teri and Uncle Juerg!

A fun day on the river! (although worn out I am guessing).


Asked Teri what this location is.



Lunch Break with Rockwell and Lars I guess.  13840539_10154428135297146_464947149_o


I’m dying to know what this place was about.




Looks like serious fun though.13814451_10154428028657146_1385887103_n




With Cousin Liv at the transportation museum I am pretty sure.13823384_10154422727292146_1367911821_n

The “Cross on the hill” as Aunt Teri called it.. You can barely see the Swill alps in the clouds.


They visited again later on with some friends. Teri said:

Ed we went up to the cross hill last night roasted marshmallows and let the kids run around until 11:00 at night..we were with my friend who has 4 kids younger than 9 and ours were really great with was one of those perfect summer evenings!

Does that sound perfectly memorable or what??


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Rockwell Swiss Summer Update.

Here is Rockwell in Cesenatico, Italy with his cousins Liv and Lars. They spent all week last week on vaction, FROM Switzerland, IN Italy.. lol.


Another in Italy, also in Cesenatico.


Here they are back on Lake Lucerne. Liv is Jumpin’ in!

Rockwell trying to do a little wakeboarding.. but I think the “Beach” is a little small to launch from, from what I can tell.

Gonna Flip!


I think he is having fun with his cousins. Which is nice.

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Mel and I Mountainbiking

Melinda and I went out mountain bikeing at the FATs trails! It was fun!




She knows how to ride well… I just need to get us out more often.


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Visited Melinda at her Summer camp (SCGSAH)

Anyone that prejudges or underestimates Melinda is going to be surprised. I visited her at the Governors School today, and I watched her Interact with other students and people. She does this thing where she puts on a front that is not representative of her actual knowledge at all. I’m not sure why she does it, but I am entertained by it. She will act completely ignorant of a subject when I KNOW she is quite knowledgeable of it. She has a very silly/goofy side, that I know has real purpose.. I’m just not sure why she does it. But it clearly has purpose.
I love watching you Melinda. You are a force to recon with.

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Hannah is preparing for school.

She is going AWAY to school.. not BACK to school. Hmm. Gonna’ miss her a tad more than I realized. Here is her first semester schedule. Entering as a.. Sophomore? Interesting. She clearly worked hard in high school. That stuff pays off sometimes.


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Rockwell is in Switzerland.

Visiting his Aunt Teri and cousins Liv and Lars in Lucerne CH.
And Melinda is not very happy about being the last at something.. AGAIN.
Poor girl.
I only have one picture so far, but I will surely post more. Have fun Rockwell! And get your math work done!
Love you.

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What happenened to June?

Umm.. Two birthdays, and I totally failed to post about them. That was not very nice.
Rockwell left for Switzerland.
Hannah was VERY happy that 26 credits were applied to her college credit before she even entered.

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June Misc:

Went skeet shooting.. I seem to get good scores.. often better than the more seasoned people around me.. I have no idea why.



Took the girls to see Dan &Phil in Charlotte NC. They clearly had a good time! me, I just enjoyed seeing them have a good time…



And I had the SECOND annual Eds Uphill 5k.. I lost 50bucks to a stranger that was clearly faster than I was.. It was all in fun.eds_uphil_5k_2016

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Happy Birthday Rockwell!

Umm.. The poor kid turns 13 and I dont have a picture? Not sure how that happened. I will have to get one from his mom.

In the mean time, you can see what was on top of his birthday cake. 🙂


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