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Here are a couple pictures that did not get loaded that probably should have.

Here is my target from my CWP class. Believe it or not, I got the best score in the class. This was half from shooting from the “ready” position (gun against your chest), and half are from the holster with the safety on. all timed, from 3,7,10 meters. The class was 9 hours long, and I was surprised how much interesting Tactical information was covered. It was a worthwhile class.

And here is Rockwell in his Halloween costume, Being a ninja.. At the old Richmond academy building.

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BMX slo-mo

A couple of videos I should have posted earlier..

Here is a great one of Rockwell going over the step up..

and here is one of a crash.. Rockwell changed his mind a little late! He was going to jump it.. and then decided to manual it.. Glad he landed on the OTHER side of the hill.. crashing into the front of the hill would have HURT. Notice he is clipped in. That’s how he rides now. He seems comfortable with it.

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Fall things.

The ginko tree dropped ALL of it’s leaves in a 24 hour period.. It was weird watching it. The weather was perfectly still, but leaves would fall. If they where high and hit other leaves, they would cause a cascade. I sat and watching it for a while. Next year I would love to catch it with a time laps camera. ginko14

The kids messing around in the back yard, making a dreary fall day a little less dreary.

Took some of the kids to go see (fill in this space). The chipmunks have been around for ages. Figured we would take a pic with them.

Yah, Europe really knows how to do a Advent calendar right. Their Advent calendars put our lame selection to shame.

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November Activities

Last weekend was the North Augusta Elementary Fun Fair. Arturo borrowed the Cotton candy machine and represented the young Makers. It was fun!

Of course we attended!

And, I saw my life flash before my eyes… My chain fell off my fixed gear bike, locked up the back wheel while I was going fast.. downhill. fast enough that the tire popped from the skid before I stopped (!)

The also had a sumobot competition that we attended. It was fun. We probably should have participated.

And of course, more BMX! Rockwell concentrating on the gate. He is getting faster every time he goes.

And here are the girls. Melinda has been improving too.. when they started, their track time was almost 2 minutes. Now they are right under 60 seconds.. that is only 15 seconds slower than the pros.

Rockwell wanted me to wrap him up in some packing wrap.. I wrapped his head instead!

Hmm. I guess Rockwell’s Hair is getting sort of long.

And we had the Elections recently.. Do ya’ think I live in a republican area?

Our Friend Raven had her Bat mitzvah! It was an impressive ceremony, and we had fun afterwords.

Melinda Practicing her Violin!

The girls just being silly. This was the night of the Sumobot competition.

Melinda on her Monday night Horse riding practice.

Melinda has been going to Confirmation.. The pre-class game was where you put shaving cream on your face and try to catch the most Cheetos in it thrown by your teammate from at least 2 feet away. Harder than it seems!! She won though…

Melinda has been taking Art classes on Saturday Morning. This Saturday morning Rockwell and I went to a BMX race in Lexington County while Melinda wen to a friends Birthday party. I managed to Crash hard into Rockwell’s back wheel while practicing.. and messed both of us up. Hard enough to untrue his back wheel.. uugh.

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Ridiculous amount of activities. Halloween activites.

So, I couple weeks ago when I said we couldnt beat the amount of activities we had that weekend? It appears we did, we have, and might even again next week. What a fall season! We started by going to the SEED event at the Aiken Tech Ruth Patric Science center. We participated with a table about Technology and 3 D printers.

My Friend Vinnie was showing some kids how his “Usless machine” works here.seed22014

Then we went to the Greek Festival

…and Purchased some “Feta Fries” Our favorite thing at the fest, a few years running.

Then we went to a BMX race, later that day. There was something else sunday I want to say.. I will edit this when I remember it. :)

Then, the next weekend, we went to the Plantation Blood Haunted house with some friends.

And met some new friends I guess…

We purchased some Pumpkins for a party we where going to later that night..

And one of the spinning ride at the Jackolantern Jubillee

And here are some of the finished products.. Rockwell’s is on the left. It’s a ghost.

Playing with the haunted fountain…

THen we went to another Haunted house, here in North Augusta.

All of us being silly in line.

This weekend, Melinda went to a Halloween party at a friends house with her friend Raven. Check out the crazy eye makeup!!

And then went to Plantation blood AGAIN.. This time it was for a tech walk though where we taught the young makers how the inner workings of a haunted house works. This was the group that went with us.


Then later that night, they where invited to come back to go though the haunt again.. This time, Melinda knew where all the cameras where hidden, so she posed in front of them while everyone else was scared of stuff jumping out at them. I think this is HILARIOUS.

Yet more zombies hugging my 13yo. Raven’s mom went with us.

And finally, a couple non Holloween related things..
First, Melinda was chosen to be the mock election campeign manager for Vincent Sheheen, the democrat candidate in SC.

Yet another picture I caught of her reading.. I like these because.. just because.

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Test post from phone and a new bike frame.

Checking out the app.. Anyway, Melinda got her new frame in the mail. It’s pretty awesome. It’s a redline flight Pro. Superlight. Their top-of-the-line frame. We purchased it off of someone we met that was going to Rock Hill for the national meet last weekend. This frame actually went to the world nationals in Copenhagen.


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BMX video.

It’s been mostly BMX stuff lately.

Melinda was interviewed during that Redline seminar.. and ended up on TeeVee…

High 5 4 Kids: Melinda Elser – WFXG FOX54 Augusta.

I took some video of Rockwell last night during practice… They are getting better every day.

And then Rockwell too some (vertical) video of 50yo me in the same section of track..

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BMX “Redline Flight” school.

Last night Melinda and Rockwell attended the “Redline Flightschool” BMX clinic. It was taught by Jason Carnes, the USA BMX champion from 2002 to 2007. This guy is in his 40s now and is still built like a rock, and still races professionally. He talked about the gate, the rhythem section, and jumping. Here he is giving Rockwell and Melinda some pointers on the gate. bmxflightschool114

Here Jason is, teaching how to work the gate.

And here is a group photo, of the kids after 3 hours of “flight school”! (Melinda is not in there.. The ever vigilant student she is, she asked to go home bofore this photo was taken, so she could get ready for school. Gotta’ appreciate THAT.

And, realizing how imporortant the gate is, I built a practice gate for the kids (..and to practice on.

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Busy weekend.. Zombies, Color, MP3, and BMX.

The last 24 hours has been pretty Amazing. It’s going to be hard to beat this run of events. We did a Zombie walk last night with Makeup (Rockwell was feeling sick and did not want to go), we did the color run this morning, We did a “Improve Everywhere” MP3 Experiment this afternoon at 6pm, and then we went to the BMX track and competed there till quarter to nine. Great timing of events.. It was Awesome!

Zombies! We actually found a place down town that would put zombie makeup on for cheap! I should have had more done for what they where charging.. students learning makeup techniques i guess.

Watch out!

Melinda cant help being pretty, even as a zombie! lol.

The group! There where some really good costumes!

The pre-walk meeting.

At the end, the zombie leader thanked his minions.

Then, this morning, we did the Color Run!
This is quite fun.. Especially for 9am in the morning! Melinda about to enter Pink!

In the Pink gauntlet!

Melinda and Dad at the end.. This was after the color throws.

Clearly the best picture of the day!! Isn’t this an awesome picture of Melinda??

Check out this video of one of the “color throws” at the end.. they give you packets of tempra to toss in the air. fun!

And here are all of us later in the evening after the MP3 Experiment.. the kids had a BLAST doing this.. it was so much fun!

Nice picture of Melinda and I, right before hitting “play”!

Good looking kids, right after hitting play.

Rockwell. Need I say more.

We ended the night with some BMX. Melinda and Hannah’s race. This is the race where Hannah, Melinda’s friend, took a pretty nasty spill. Scraped up her hand, her elbow, her side and her knee.. but she STILL finished!! No one can say these girls are not tough!!

One of Rockwell’s heats. This was the very first race he used clips on his pedals. In the final heat he took a pretty nasty crash.. I think melinda was wondering it came in three’s at this point!! Everyone was OK in the end.

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3D printer class, Horses and more.

Rockwell and Melinda have been Racing the fall BMX series.. they are doing great!

Our friend Charles taught a 3D printer class last weekend.. Melinda, Rockwell, AND Hannah, from Switzerland, attended! Hannah skyped in.

We had 6 different 3D printers to work with during this class.. pretty interesting!!


Melinda has been attending some horse riding lessons. He thought she was riding western the whole time in St Croix, but it turns out her teacher there taught her a few English things along the way. Teacher: “Melinda! you are posting! There is no posting in western riding..!”

Another nice picture.

I just found this one on my computer… I don’t even know how it got there.. but its a awful good one! Somewhere in the VI.

Melinda has been helping me help some friends with a Haunted house. (Plantation Blood) She has painted and even buried a mattress! Here she is with a new fiend.. I mean friend.

Melinda taking after her older sister.. This is how I would find Hannah almost every day I would pick her up from school..her nose in a book.

I ran the Quacks and stacks 5k last weekend.. I came in 3rd out of about a dozen people.. But in the 50 and over class!.. I’m 49 for another two weeks!! I don’t know how that happened.. but someone got cheated out of 3rd place! If I was in the 31 to 49 class, I would have come in 10th place out of about 20 people.. still not that bad for an old man.

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